Episode 6: March – Book 1

In this episode, we discuss Congressman John Lewis’s biographical account of the Civil Rights Movement and his experience in it. It was co-created by Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell. It’s a humane and approachable view of this critical part of American history, with valuable insight from one of the last surviving major figures of the movement. It’s great for children and adults alike, and you can buy it from Amazon or from Top Shelf Productions directly.



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Episode 5: Blankets

ImageIn this episode, we covered Craig Thompson’s Blankets. This was a large work that everyone here loved, but keep in mind there were many scenes that weren’t covered simply due to time. But that’s great, because like other acclaimed works, that just means there’s more meaning and content to enjoy if you buy it!

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Episode 3: Blue Monday vol. 1, The Kids are Alright

In this episode, Jake and I discuss the first volume of Chyna Clugston’s series Blue Monday, “The Kids are Alright.”

We also have a special guest: Emily Williams, Jake’s wife and my friend. Thanks for coming on, Emily!

Also, we tried out some background music this time around. How did you like it? Tell us about it on the facebook fan page or email us at daneandjakegetclassy@gmail.com!



Dane and Jake Get Classy #1

This podcast is where my co-host Jake and I take a break from our delightfully bombastic show Punisher: Body Count and give our focus to one trade paperback, graphic novel, or movie. This is a show where we open some nice spirits and try to break down mainstream best-sellers and aclaimed independent works.

Today we’re reviewing The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

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