2670300-dan_dougherty_mugIn today’s episode, we got the chance to sit down and talk to comics creator and illustrator Dan Dougherty, who we met at Indiana Comicon. The man has quite the bibliography to his name, with comics such as  Bob Howard: Plumber of the Unknown, Haunting Tales of Horrorbles and the award-winning auto-bio comic strip Beardo. He’s also illustrated children’s books such as Sam and the Jungle Band and You Got a Boogie. He also has a band called Dan Dougherty and the Tone Bone.

We talk to Dan about his experience with cons and collaborating with other artists. We also discuss his more recent works, such as The Apocalypse Plan and especially his supernatural thriller Touching Evil. Jake and I give Touching Evil a big thumbs up, and if want to be classy like us you should buy a comic, or even the current series. You can also check out Dan’s other works here. I can especially vouch for The Apocalypse Plan book in his store.

If you’d like to follow Dan, try his Twitter or his Beardo page on Facebook.touching-evil-dan-dougherty-2013